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Ferralog is a Dallas recording studio located in the heart of Deep Ellum.

Compared to many contemporary Studios in the Dallas Metroplex, Ferralog has much more to offer than just recording. Our studio occupies a 3800 square feet facility that was formerly a live music venue.  Our Tracking and control rooms are built-in the old music performance area, and we have restored the old bar so that we can host events.  We have a stage in the bar area so that our customers can hold a project release party giving their close fans and supporters a unique insight into the recording process.

We have also kept most of the murals from the original venue.  Our bare brick walls and other  architectural features provide a relaxed  atmosphere during music recording sessions and interesting backdrops for Photography and Video sessions.

We can support a fully analog recording path to 16 track magnetic tape and analog mixing and mastering.   In addition we can transfer to a Digital Audio Workstation – We have powerful Mac and PC computers with Logic and Sonar X1 installed, and can run others DAWs on request.

Although we have only been operating as a recording studio for a year, we have already recording a variety of local and national artists. Almost every musical genre has been recorded in our studio:  Rock, Alternative, Soul, R&B, Blues, Country, Americana, Hip-Hop,  Jazz, Barber Shop, Bluegrass.

We are often asked where the word “Ferralog’ comes from.  Its a contraction of the latin word for iron, ‘Ferrum’ and ‘Analog’.  Since Magnetic Tape relies on Iron to function, and we have support a fully analog recording process,  ‘Ferralog’ was a natural choice for us.

Call  720 470 1884 for recording project rates.

Ask about our ‘Catch and Release’  special – record your music project in one day and we will host a private release party in our studio two or three days later.

For detailed contact information, please visit the tab entitled, “Location & Contact.”


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